Typical Household Water Usage

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Typical household water consumption

The typical household in South African uses about 250 litres of water a day per person. That amounts to 7500 litres a month.

The typical South African household consisting of 3 children and two parents would then use on average 37500 litres of water a month.


Typical Water Usage

Toilet                     29%

Drinking/Cooking   3%

Garden                  35%

Bath/Shower         20%

Laundry                 13%

Some of the easiest ways to reduce your water bill without changing you lifestyle at all is to save on water used by toilet flushing and showering and gardening.

The average toilet cistern flushes on average 9 litres with every use and 9 litres are definitely not require to clear the toilet bowl every time. This amounts to a large amount of clean fresh water wastage.

Laundry and bath/shower water can safely be used to water gardens. By collecting both 33% of household water can be reused to irrigate the garden. This brings in a tremendous saving. Having a bucket to capture water whilst showering, can be used to fill your toilet cistern.