R 15 950   (This price includes installation and VAT - Gauteng area only)

This Complete Home UV Filtration has a flow rate of 2500LPH

Ultra Violet light is very effective in destroying harmful bacteria and viruses in water. UV with filtration provides a safe way to ensuring your drinking water is high quality.

Our Ultra Violet Filtration System is a complete water filtration solution that includes filters to ensure healthy, clean water.


This filtration system includes 3 Big Blue Filters and the UV light which are mounted on a single unit. This makes installation simple and quick. The price includes all valves required and 6 meters of uPVC pipe which will connect to your existing water supply. It also includes all labour and travel costs with the Gauteng area.

This system will do the following:

  • The UV light kills harmful micro-organisms in the water
  • Water tastes and smells great
  • Preserves the natural minerals in the water
  • Removes chemicals such as Chlorine and impurities
  • No back washing saving water
  • System has a large filtration capacity
  • Very little maintenance

 Other Information

  • This system will require a power source for the UV
  • Water is filtered before it enters the UV system. 
  • The sediment and carbon filters need to be replaced every 6 months depending on the volume of water put through the system.
  • The UV lamp needs to be replaced every 12 months

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